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Ampersand is a Brilliant Place to Eat & Relax.

Located in Orakei Bay Village, Ampersand Eatery offers some of the tastiest dishes out there with beautiful views.

Grilled fish from Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

For example, their Grilled Market Fish is not only amazing to look at, but it is also cooked to perfection - no wonder why it is one of their most popular dishes.

Ampersand is unique. It is a collaborative space run by the owners Mikey Newlands and Amanda Rogers. In addition, you can find Espresso Workshop serving beautiful coffee by the entrance.

For a while, Ampersand's been one of my favourite places to either work on my laptop or to have a meeting with clients, while drinking Espresso workshop's amazing coffee... And of course, eating their brilliant food.

One of my personal favourites is their Cauliflower; the twice-cooked cauliflowers with raisins, capers and three-cheese sauce is absolutely amazing. See below:

Cooked cauliflower dish from Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

You can easily find something you'd enjoy - check out their menu here.

Below is their Tuna Loin, wrapped in basil with soy, radish and avocado.

Tuna dish from Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

Ampersand's famous for hosting special events. For more information, please visit the link here - the events get booked out quick so if you're interested, make sure to bookmark that page, follow their Instagram and keep updated with what's happening.

Below is their Slow-Cooked Duck with bacon, kale and mustard.

Slow-cooked duck dish from Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

Serving Espresso Workshop daily, if you are a cafe hopper, definitely add Ampersand Eatery to your list.

Barista pouring milk into a cup of flat white coffee at Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

Oh and lastly, their desserts... I'll let the pictures do the talking.

On the left is the Sticky Toffee Pudding with walnuts and vanilla ice cream; on the right is the Creme fraiche panna cotta with passionfruit and lime, served with donuts.

To book a table at Ampersand, visit their website:


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Say S. from Fork & Truffle

I run Caramel, a restaurant creative agency with the biggest portfolio in New Zealand, helping restaurants grow by providing creative and technological solutions. In addition, I manage a few restaurants more hands-on.

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