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Auckland's Iconic: Atomic Coffee Roasters

As one of the most recognised coffee brands, you can find cafes serving Atomic coffee all across Auckland. Instead of searching for a cafe that serves it, why don't you visit their HQ instead?

Located in Kingsland, you can find Atomic Coffee Roasters - a cafe and a roastery as well.

Interior of Atomic Kingsland Cafe in Auckland

Atomic certainly understands the power of branding very well. Its united experience from all its digital presence to in-store is seamless; the black and white with the copper highlights all across the interior instantly makes it a very recognisable cafe.

Coffee machine from Atomic Kingsland Cafe in Auckland

Their signature Veloce coffee blend is delicious. It is balanced - with rich dark chocolate, caramel and a sweet fruity note. You will love it with or without milk but my favourite is a triple-shot flat white.

That extra shot of espresso makes the coffee extra chocolatey and velvety... Well, for me anyway.

Barista pouring coffee at Atomic Kingsland Cafe in Auckland

The place also serves a delicious menu - I ate here a few times in the past and the food is always great, too. In addition, they have a wide range of goodies in the cabinet - where my personal favourite is their sandwiches, particularly the Kimchi Reuben Sandwich.

Interior of Atomic Kingsland Cafe in Auckland

If you buy coffee but don't know too much about it, I am sure you have had Atomic coffee numerous times. I highly recommend visiting their HQ in Kingsland - with spacious seats and fast WiFi, it is also a great place for you to study/work while sipping top-class coffee.

You can purchase their coffee from the website and also check out the Instagram account.


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