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Grab these Burgers this Summer in Auckland.

Yes, it is very common and simple yet it is always satisfying to take a big bite out of a juicy burger.

On top of the burger joints, almost all cafes and local eateries offer their version of burgers. With overwhelming choices available, it is extremely hard to find ones that offer "good value".

With summer just around the corner, I have nine places for you to grab burgers this holiday - including my personal favourite(s) and recommendations.

Burger taken from Rosedale, Auckland

Happy Boy

Famous for their baogers and burgers, Happy Boy's customisable burgers offer great value and taste. My personal favourite is their free-range Chicken Thigh with brioche buns or the Pork Belly with bao buns.

if you are looking to add some extra crunch to each bite, try adding their house-made hashbrown or onion rings.

Shake Out

After years of being in Takapuna, they finally arrived at Commercial Bay in Auckland CBD. I already visited them a few times and currently, Shake Out maybe my top burger place in the city.

I love their Double Cheeseburger - the meat is thick, the vegetables are fresh and the sauce tastes amazing. I understand some people say their burgers may be a bit bland but for me, it is perfect. Even their yellow buns are super soft - the best out there!

Don't forget to grab their fries because it is great, too.

Ampersand Eatery

How does a Double Smash Wagyu Cheeseburger for lunch sound to you? I would take it any day. Ampersand Eatery is renowned for its brilliant food and service - popular amongst the locals and beyond.

You just can't compare their gourmet burger and fries to your local burger joint. It is definitely worth the price. When you visit here for this, make sure to grab a cold beer as well.


I hardly order burgers from cafes but Benedict's take on their Fried Chicken Burger is too good to pass. The fried chicken is one of the crunchiest, and juiciest pieces in town and with their house-made sauce, each bite is perfect.

Served with shoestring fries and house-made aioli, try it next when you visit them.

Tiger Burger

Tiger Burger has always been mentioned when it comes to Auckland's top burgers. My two favourites are their Kimcheese and Gang-Jeong burgers.

Kimcheese is their take on a cheeseburger but with sauteed kimchi with gochujang (i.e. Korean chilli paste) mayo, giving a hint of the Korean flavour.

Gang-Jeong burger may be the crunchiest fried chicken burger out there. The chicken thigh is double-fried and then glazed with chilli-soy sauce and gochujang mayo.

Burger Burger

One of the places that elevated New Zealand's burger scene, you know visiting Burger Burger is always a safe option. With a wide range of burgers available, here are some of my favourites I highly recommend you try this summer: Old Smokey, Kiwi Classic and Double Beef & Cheese.

If I had to pick the best out of the three, it would be the Old Smokey - the combination of the smoked cheddar, caramelised onions and BBQ sauce is just too good.

Burger Fuel

Famous for its big, juicy burgers, Burger Fuel also offers a wide range of products. In addition, they have also perfected the unwrapping and eating experience by implementing user-friendly packaging. All you have to do is rip off the part of the packaging, which then becomes a burger holder.

I love their American Muscle and Bastard.

Peach's Hot Chicken

Considered one of the most popular fried chicken places in Auckland, Peach's chicken sandwich is a must-try. Personally, I love their OG Sandwich more than the Baller Sandwich - I recommend Medium or Hot for the spicy level.

Sneaky Snacky

Doughnut burger anyone? A few years ago, their doughnut burgers were shared all over Auckland with countless positive reviews.

Their glazed doughnut is delicious and with their spicy fried chicken sandwiched in between, it is a very satisfying experience. Try their Hot Chicken Donut (glazed).


Founder & Editor | Say Seowon Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

For any media enquiries or questions, please email me. I am also the Director at Caramel, a strategy agency helping restaurant businesses grow.

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