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Newest Addition to My Collection: Retromatic

I am not really a fan of micro-brands in the watch scene - most of the watches I like are Swiss, with a few models from Japan - particularly Grand Seiko. However, with Brew Watch Co. has been getting a lot of attention on the internet - from articles in big watch magazines to many YouTube channels.

Green Retromatic from Brew Watch Co.

I was initially curious so I looked into what this brand is and their unique design instantly caught my eyes. So of course, I spent a little time researching and reading about what this brand is about and just like the name suggests, their watch designs are inspired by industrial espresso machines.

Green Retromatic from Brew Watch Co.

I love coffee as much as I love watches so this really interested me. Also because I love green dial watches, when I saw this particular Retromatic, I knew I had to get it for my collection. This was earlier this year and at that time, this watch was sold out - meaning I had to wait for a few months... And it was only last month I was able to order this.

I bought this as soon as they restocked and after a day or two, they were all sold out again... Showing how much this watch is in demand. And another amazing thing was I received this in just a couple of days!

Green Retromatic from Brew Watch Co.

A watch priced at $425 USD... In my personal view, this is very very affordable. The case and bracelet finishing are great - very comfortable to wear. Square-ish, cushion-shaped case is definitely vintage-inspired but modern at the same time... Putting it simply, it is timeless.

But that dial though! The design reminded me of the espresso machine's surfaces. Depending on how much natural lighting hits, the colour of the dial changes - at times as dark as possible but with the right amount of sunlight, the olive, deep green sunray dial looks absolutely amazing.

The Founder and Designer, Jonathan Ferrer, did an amazing job with this one.

Green Retromatic from Brew Watch Co.

My wrist is 18.5cm (a little over 7.2 inches for you US people) and I can wear a 44mm watch comfortably. Despite this Retromatic's case size being 36mm and 39.5mm, its cushion shape makes it larger - feels like a 39mm watch.

Since I got this, I have been wearing it on a daily basis - it goes so well with any casual outfit. And the funny thing is this has been getting more attention than my Rolex.

When I posted a Story about this watch on the day I received it, it had hundreds of sticker taps and I received over 50 messages - people either saying they love it, or they tried to buy it but it was all sold out.


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