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Five Great Coffees from Christchurch

I visited Christchurch back in early April and this round I visited quite a lot of coffee spots. Here, I wanted to share some of my favourites so you can go check them out when you visit my hometown.

1. Park Ranger

Flat white from Park Ranger in Christchurch

Located in Riccarton, Park Ranger is not only my local but one of my favourite cafes in Christchurch. Beautiful coffee and food are available, it is always busy here.

2. C4 Coffee Co.

Found in Christchurch City Centre, C4 Coffee is one of the most well-known coffee roasters in the city. You can find many cafes using C4 coffee beans. I really loved my visit here and I will definitely visit here every time I am in Christchurch - it is a great place to work on your laptop as well with much spacious seating.

3. South Town Club

Flat white from South Town Club in Christchurch

Another great cafe in the City Centre, South Town Club serves Supreme coffee and their coffee is fantastic. Their food looked amazing also - although I have not tried it when I was there, I definitely will when I am back.

4. Unknown Chapter

Flat white from Unknown Chapter in Christchurch

Possibly the most famous cafe + coffee roaster in Christchurch.... You can also find Unknown Chapter in the City Centre. The cafe is super busy every day and you will see many people queuing up to order their coffee and food. I visited here many times over the years and their food is delicious also.

5. Doubles

Flat white from Doubles Cafe in Christchurch

I discovered this cafe during my Sunday walk - found near Hagley Park, they serve Allpress coffee and it is great! From looking at their menu, I would love to revisit again and try their food as well. This place is cool and neat - I highly recommend it.


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