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Discover O3: innovative cafe workspace designed to motivate people.

A revolutionary space emerged in Newmarket, redefining how we work, study, network and caffinate. O3 is an innovative concept that seamlessly blends design, technology and motivation to create a relaxing environment that attracts creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals and students.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

It is not just your usual co-working space or a library alternative - its completely unique, motivational design concept is a result of careful planning and research to offer something completely new to the market. On paper, it may be just a cafe with access to its member's workspace however the offerings are unmatched to anything out there.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

Located in Carlon Gore Road, Newmarket, O3's open window cafe and beautiful space welcome everyone in. Serving specialty coffee blends and delicious bagels, it may seem like you are walking into a usual coffee shop.

However, the carefully designed, relaxing environment attracts ambitious and creative minds more often than any other place around. With lots of seating available, the public cafe space is full of coffee connoisseurs, academics, freelancers and professionals with many different backgrounds such as design and legal.

Coffee is very good - opening from early morning 'til evening, O3 cafe is not only popular amongst members and regular visitors but also the public, too.

Coffee machine at O3 Space in Auckland.

Then you walk through the corridor leading to the main Cave - the member's only space that is big, beautiful, calm and innovative. The large screen welcomes you with lots of classic and modern artwork.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

On the left side, there is O3's iconic bookshelf, an in-house-built bookshelf that is the biggest one in Australasia. Each shelf space is curated with books, collectibles and art pieces - it's like a modern art gallery.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

Another exciting part is that O3 has its own convenience store upstairs - the O-Mart. Inspired by a Japanese convenience store, you can cook your favourite ramen, have snacks and sip delicious drinks to fuel you while you are here.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

 The cool thing is that as a member, you will earn "o-coin" per every hour you stay at O3, which is their own digital currency which you can use to purchase products at O-Mart.

So what's "o-coin" and how much does it cost to become a member?

There are three membership types: Brokie, White and Black - all get you access to the Cave.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

The Brokie membership is $20 a week and you can also bring a friend. White membership is $30 a week and it also gives you $30 in-store credit (per week) in return so you can spend this credit to buy your favourite bagel and drinks from the cafe, or at O-Mart. Black membership is $40 a week and it is their most popular plan; same as Whtie but you receive $40 a week as in-store credit and you can also bring a friend - which is a perk White membership doesn't offer.

Since opening a couple of months ago, O3 has reached 300 members very quickly and due to the fast growth, high demand for a free trial and membership requests, they are starting to build a waitlist. This is to minimise disruption to the existing O3 members and also to maximise everyone's safety - with O3 being a physical space, carefully controlling the maximum capacity is essential.

So if you want to explore the space or become a member, I highly recommend getting in as soon as possible.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

Thus, there is a lot of value provided to the members, especially if you are either on White or Black membership because you essentially get your "money back" as in-store credit.

O3 cafe's products are as good, or even better, than the cafes in the area so most members find O3 membership much more useful than visiting libraries or cafe hopping - especially since they have to worry about minor inconveniences such as leaving the laptop unattended for bathroom trips or can't stay at a single cafe for long hours.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

O3 also have an app where you can spend o-coins to purchase items at O-Mart. In addition, there is a fun gatcha-like system where you can collect "Oysters", which is O3's mascot. There are a lot more innovative things planned for the app - I cannot share them yet but it is super exciting.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

Don't think of O3 as just an app-backed workspace - it is a global movement towards a more motivated world. By combining a high-quality cafe, beautiful space, innovation and a real social network, O3 creates a space where individuals can not only thrive but maximise their productivity.

As a member of O3, there are opportunities to meet some of the best and most innovative minds in their excelling fields - because even the most hard-working and successful individuals need that extra motivation to get the job done. O3 already become a place for this.

Interior of O3 Space in Newmarket, Auckland.

Experience O3 for yourself and become part of a community that values creativity, innovation and motivation - and of course, coffee and good people. Whether you are looking to get work done, relax with a good book, enjoy a great brew or network with like-minded, O3 is your destination.

Visit their website and Instagram for more information.


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