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Delicious Classic Korean Lunch at Pocha.

A few months ago, Pocha started its lunch trade and they are offering delicious, value-packed meals.

Lunch menu at Pocha in Auckland CBD

The highlight of the menu is Pocha's take on Korea's classic school lunch where rice and main are served with banchan (side dishes) on a stainless steel plate.

These plates start at $25 and it may not seem like an affordable lunch, but the generous amount of portion and high-quality food makes it worthwhile.

Lunch menu at Pocha in Auckland CBD

These authentic side dishes go perfectly with the main dish and they change each week.

Perhaps, one of the biggest (literally) stars is the King's Katsu, which is an iconic Korean food that is loved by millions of professionals, students and kids in Korea.

Lunch menu at Pocha in Auckland CBD

The breadcrumb-coated chicken cutlet is served with rice, salad and miso soup.

Choose between the original katsu or creamy mushroom sauce. The mushroom one is my personal pick.

Beef Rib Soup at Pocha in Auckland CBD

On these colder days, if you are wanting a hearty, warm lunch, then try King's Beef Rib Soup.

The beef rib is tender and the broth is tasty.

Rice cake soup at Pocha in Auckland CBD

With the rise in the cost of goods, many Auckland CBD restaurants are offering cheap lunch solutions, often resulting in lowered quality and/or portion.

However, you will be satisfied with your lunch experience at Pocha because they have not compromised on the quality or portion.

To see their full lunch menu, visit here.

What we particularly enjoy:

  • Classic school-style lunch - the variety of banchan and mains offered; marinated grilled bulgogi is a must-try

  • King's Katsu is cooked perfectly and it will fill you up


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