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Iconic Korean Eatery, Pocha, is now open in Albany.

One of the oldest Korean eateries, Pocha, has been one of the popular places in Auckland serving some of the most popular fried chicken and Korean dishes.

Because of its delicious food and unique vibe, Pocha is a hub attracting local regulars and becoming a destination place for late-night city-goers.

At the start of June, Pocha opened its second location in Albany.

Interior of Pocha Albany in Auckland

The term "Pocha" is a shortened Korean word "pojangmacha", which translates to "covered wagon" - this refers to street food vendors selling soju and some of the iconic Korean dishes such as tteokbokki, army soup, etc.

The Albany store still brings the original Pocha CBD store's identity and vibe but modernised it.

The dark, moody interior is lit by neon lights that highlight the "pojangmacha" culture in Korea - representing Pocha's mission.

Expect the same delicious Pocha food and drinks at their Albany store, too.

With its modern interior fitting and cosy layout, it is more family-friendly.

Fried chicken from Pocha

With the launch of this store, Pocha also introduced two new Korean fried chicken flavours.

The one pictured at the top is Basasak Chicken - boneless fried chickens are coated with rice paper and served with Vietnamese-inspired dipping sauce.

This is my all-time favourite - because of the rice papers, chicken is super crunchy and light.

Korean fried chicken from Pocha

This one is their All Black Chicken - boneless chicken with black bean sauce.

If you are a fan of the Korean-Chinese "jjajangmyeon" (i.e. Korean black bean noodles), give this a go.

Cocktails from Pocha

Two new cocktails are also available: Sunflower (left) is a juicy, tropical cocktail and Coco Bomb (right) is coconut-y and milky - reminded me of Korean rice wine but more refreshing.

Find them on 1/329 Albany Highway, Auckland 0632.


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