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Thai Fusion Dishes You Must Try at Thaiger, Grey Lynn.

Blending Thailand's age-old recipes with contemporary techniques, Thaiger has been one of the standout Asian fusion restaurants in the last few years in Auckland.

Being able to please both authentic Asian food seekers and the ones wanting to try innovative dishes, this modern restaurant in Grey Lynn is a place you must visit.

Food from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

Since my last visit, Thaiger has updated its menu - keeping the majority of its popular dishes while adding on new ones. It has been almost two years since Thaiger opened and I wanted to share some of their signature dishes - including some of my personal favourites, too.

Sweet & Sour Crispy Pork Belly has been on the menu since day one and quickly became customers' favourite dish. Each piece of pork belly is cut into a big 2-3 inch cube before being perfectly deep-fried. The house-made sweet and sour sauce is delicious - I highly recommend this dish.

Deep-fried prawns from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

Young Green Rice Prawns - a great starter to share for the table. It is crispy, chewy and juicy.

Duck Springrolls from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

Another popular starter - Hoisin Duck Spring Rolls.

Thai Oysters from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

Recently, Thaiger started offering oysters and they are served with house-made spicy seafood sauce. Half a dozen for $30, the oysters are also affordable compared to other establishments.

Grab a cocktail, too - their drinks are nice.

Cocktail from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

Pictured below is Goong Woonsen, a Thai prawn glass noodle salad. The blanched prawns and noodles are tossed with Thai Yum sauce - it is sweet, tangy and savoury.

Prawn salad from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

Goong Woonsen compliments other dishes well - having this cold noodle salad in between hot dishes was refreshing.

Pork Belly from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

For you heat seekers, Spicy Basil Pork Fillet is recommended. It is fragrant, flavour-packed and spicy. Plus, the green beans and capsicum are flash-cooked in a hot wok so they are crunchy.

Food from Thaiger restaurant in Auckland

In addition to the dishes listed here, Thaiger constantly introduces new ones every few months.

Make sure to connect with them on Instagram to see the latest updates.

What we particularly enjoy:

  • One of the best Sweet & Sour Pork in town - thick-cut is a game changer

  • Affordable prices and large portions

  • Not pictured here but their Duck Curry is also a must-try

Address: 2 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021


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