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UMU Pizza is good. Very good.

Flatlay photo of pizzas from UMU Pizza in Kingsland, Auckland

You like pizza, right? I reckon woodfire pizza is the best - especially because of that char.

UMU Pizza in Kingsland does one of the best woodfire pizzas in Auckland and it is one of my favourite places to go eat pizza and drink. With their small but curated pizza offerings and a wide range of drinks, it is a delicious and fun place to catch up with friends.

Pizza from UMU Pizza, located in Auckland City

If you are sitting nearby the entrance, you can see them in action but a little warning though, it does get a little hot. But the smell is absolutely amazing.

Want to check their menu? Visit their website:

My favourites are their Number One and Number Ninety-Nine. And of course, their range of beers.

Flatlay photo of pizzas from UMU Pizza in Kingsland, Auckland.

If you get a chance, you should watch how quickly the pizza gets cooked in this massive pizza oven.

Pizza cooked in the UMU Pizza's pizza oven.

Woodfire pizzas from UMU Pizza in Kingsland, Auckland

Close-up shot of a woodfire pizza from UMU Pizza in Kingsland.

Who doesn't like a pizza + beer combo? UMU Pizza also has many cocktails on the menu so if you are feeling something a little different, how about trying their Cold Brew Espresso Martini?

Hapi Daze beer and woodfire pizza from UMu Pizza

Kingsland is quite Central so definitely make a booking for your next dinner spot. You can also order online via the website and pick up - you are more than welcome to drop me off some of their pizza. ;)

UMU Pizza's Instagram: @umupizza


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