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Let's work together.

I do offer one-off photoshoots as a service; if you are interested in working together or want to enquire about my rates, please send me an email at

Since 2015, I have been helping businesses in the hospitality and luxury industries win by providing creative and technological solutions. Currently, I am the Creative Director at Caramel; most of my work involves business and creative consulting for clients.

However, photography has always been one of my biggest passions; I particularly love shooting shots of food, drinks and luxury items such as cars, watches, etc.

If you are looking for other business and creative services my agency offers, please visit our Services webpage for more information.

Thanks for your interest!

Syrup pouring on waffle taken by Seowon Song, Fork & Truffle
Slice of cake taken by Seowon Song, Fork & Truffle
Rolex Submariner Reference 126613LB.
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