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Chilled Natural Tap Wine at Pocha Now!

Wine from Pocha in Auckland CBD

One of Auckland's most popular and busy Korean eateries, Pocha now offers chilled tap wines for the first time! They are all organic and 100% vegan-friendly... And most importantly, they are delicious.

I am not the biggest fan of wine but when I tried it for the first time here at Pocha, it was not only much easier to drink, it retains all the flavours but much more refreshing.

With so many tasty dishes available at Pocha, the famous dining and drinking experience at Pocha just elevated to the next level.

Charcoal Chicken from Pocha, Chancery Square from Auckland CBD

Pictured above is the Charcoal Chicken which came out at the end of last year. Juicy chicken pieces and rice cakes are stir-fried in house-made charcoal BBQ sauce... It is perfect for any occasion but I reckon it will be amazing with Pocha's chilled wine offerings.

Chilled Tap Wine from Pocha Eatery in Auckland

The five chilled tap wines available are rose, pinot noir, prosecco, sauvignon blanc and chilled red.

Butter Grilled Beef Ribs will be amazing when paired with the wines also.

The last dish I personally recommend trying with the new chilled wine is the beef tartare.

Beef Tartare from Pocha in Auckland CBD

Make sure you mix everything well together before eating this.

Pocha definitely got more exciting so why don't you gather some friends and head here this week?

To check out the full menu, visit here.


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