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Do You Like Bread? What About Butter?

Bread & Butter has always been one of my favourite places to grab coffee and pastries in the Auckland Central area. Bread & Butter's HQ is located in Grey Lynn where you can find many other amazing cafes like Ozone and Postal Service - very lucky for those who live in the area.

Croissants from Bread & Butter in Auckland

Freshly-made pastries are available daily, it is a heaven for those who love bread.

The picture above was taken at the Grey Lynn Market, where you can find Bread & Butter's stall.

I truly respect the amount of passion, dedication and effort to make beautiful bread at Bread & Butter. In addition, I love their philosophy and their Director's (Isabel Pasch) ideas/values when it comes to everything they execute such as supporting the local community, sustainability and of course, breadmaking.

Almond croissants from Bread & Butter Grey Lynn, Auckland

Every time I catch up with Isabel, I am always pick up new knowledge and insights - not just to do with bread but nutrition, sustainability and the history of food. I strongly suggest you visit her blog: Bread Politics and read some of the articles. Below are some suggestions:

  • Are vegans saving the world? (link)

  • The benefits of fermented foods. (link)

  • The science of sourdough (link)

Brioche burger buns from Bread & Butter in Auckland

At the Grey Lynn HQ, their cabinets are full of pastries, sweets and sandwiches where every single item looks absolutely delicious. Plus, they use serve Espresso Workshop Coffee which is one of my favourites.

Below is the Shakshuka Bowl - with kale, vine tomatoes, capsicum, red onion, kasha, Turkish crostini, almond za’atar, fried egg and labneh... Although it is not part of their menu currently, it was one of the tastiest, most balanced dishes I have had this year.

Another great thing is that the menu changes every few months, depending on the season.

Shakshuka dish from Bread & Butter in Grey Lynn, Auckland

Pictured below:

The left one is the Croque Madame, with ham and four-cheese toastie, mushroom pâté, dijon, pickled apple, fried egg, slaw and candied nuts; the one on the right is the Braised Brisket Butty, with mustard braised brisket, provolone, pear chutney, pickled onion, yellow aji chips and herb salt.

Did I say their coffee is good also?

Barista pouring milk to make coffee in Bread & Butter, Auckland

I don't even like hot cross buns however I really enjoyed Bread & Butter's one earlier this year during Easter.

There is a reason why Bread & Butter is one of the most popular bakeries in Auckland. The products and services you can find at Bread & Butter are based on the beautiful combination of passion, integrity, skill and knowledge.

If you have not been to Bread & Butter, you have to save it onto your To-Do-List.

And make sure to follow them on Instagram.


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