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Grilled Prawns & Handmade Pasta Happening at Ampersand.

I love pasta. Currently, it is my favourite food and luckily there are many places to go for pasta in Auckland. Known to serve all-around great dishes, Ampersand Eatery also provides top-quality pasta. Here, I want to introduce you to their Prawn Bolognese.

Prawn spaghetti from Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

It is super flavourful and the spaghetti is handmade in-house by their talented chefs.

Fork twirlling rawn spaghetti from Ampersand Eatery in Auckland

There are two sizes available but just grab the bigger portion.

Nothing much to say here other than that Ampersand Eatery is a great place to eat out because they serve some of the best dishes in town.

If you want to check out what's on their current menu, visit here.


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