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More Coffees & Places

1. Chillout Cafe

Iced latte from Chillout Cafe in Ponsonby, Auckland.

Using Aoraki coffee beans, their iced latte always hits the spot!

2. Mibo Bakery

Flat white and almond croissant from Mibo in Auckland

One of the best bakeries in Auckland, Mibo has become one of Aucklander's favourites! And of course, their coffee is amazing also.

3. Chuffed

Flat white from Chuffed in Auckland

Using one of my favourite coffee beans, Rocket, Chuffed is always a great spot to grab a coffee.

4. Ozone

Flat white from Ozone in Auckland

There are many amazing cafes in Grey Lynn and Ozone is one of them - you should definitely check them out.

5. Melba Karaka

Flat white from Melba Karaka

Melba roasts their own coffee blend and it is amazing.

6. Benedict's

Flat white from Benedict's in Auckland

As one of my favourite cafes in Auckland, Benedict's use Be Speciality's unique coffee blend.


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