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Ten Best Fried Chickens of Auckland.

It seems fried chicken is on a trend - there are so many places where you can get your hands on fried chicken. I have put together this list to showcase some of the best places to get your fried chicken fix; a few on the list, you probably haven't expected I am sure.

The list is in alphabetical order.

1. Chillout

Belly Dancing dish from Chillout Cafe in Ponsonby

Located in Ponsonby, you probably weren't expecting Chillout Cafe to be on this list. However, the pictured above is Belly Dancing, a beautiful combination of eggs benedict and chicken waffle. The house-secret chicken coating is not only crispy, it is so flavourful - quite different to your usual fried chickens.

Make sure to check them out.

2. Gao Asian Fusion

Fried Chicken dish from Gao Asian Fusion in Albany

One of the most popular restaurants/bars on the North Shore of Auckland, you can find Gao Asian Fusion in Albany. Despite being famous for their dumplings and other creative Asian-fusion dishes, they also do fried chicken very well. With a tiny little bit of heat in the coating, these perfectly deep-fried chicken thighs are amazing.

If you are having dinner there or just there for a couple of drinks, make sure to add this is. It is one of their best sellers.

3. Happy Boy

Probably one of the most famous eateries in the Epsom and Royal Oak area, Happy Boy is famous for its funky, neon interior and of course, its delicious baogers (or burgers). Offering a wide range of chicken dishes, order them all, grab their popular slushies, sit down and enjoy.

4. Kai Eatery

Taiwanese XL Fried Chicken from Kai Eatery in Auckland

Kai Eatery is very well-known for its XL Fried Chicken. This giant piece of chicken is cooked perfectly every single time and it also tastes amazing also. There are many flavours to choose from so it gives you a reason to always go back.

My personal favourite is their Spicy one but if you are unsure, just ask their friendly staff.

5. Melba Manukau

Fried chicken waffle from Melba Manukau, Auckland

Did you know Melba Manukau was one of the OGs in Auckland's fried chicken waffle scene? Melba's famous for their beautiful coffee and food, serving locals for well over 25 years. With each Melba location offering slightly different dishes, if you are looking to try chicken waffles from Melba, make sure to try it from the Manukau location first.

6. My Fried Chicken

Found in Ponsonby Central, My Fried Chicken is one of the most famous names in the fried chicken scene in the area. Offering a wide range of fried chicken dishes and flavours, you have to add My Fried Chicken to your list.

If it's your first time, get a Chicken Sandwich.

7. The Plumm Cafe

Charcoal Fried Chicken Waffle from The Plumm Cafe, Takapuna

The Plumm Cafe offers some of the most colourful dishes in Auckland and they all taste amazing also. Their fried chicken with charcoal waffles is a must-try.

8. Pocha Chicken

Pocha's famous Almond Krunch is now available out in the suburbs of Auckland. It is one of the crunchiest and juiciest fried chicken you can get in Auckland.

I also like their Pochi Burger: Almond Krunch chicken piece, cheese, house-made jalapeno sauce and lettuce sandwiched between toasted buns... How can you say no, right?

9. Pocha

Jalepeno Chicken from Pocha, located in Auckland CBD

When you Google "best fried chicken auckland", Pocha is always shown on many articles and there is a reason for it. As one of the oldest and the most popular Korean restaurants/bars in New Zealand, Pocha offers probably the best Korean fried chicken experience in Auckland. With their sauces made in-house, there are so many flavours to choose from.

My personal favourite is the Jalapeno Chicken.

10. Tiger Burger

As one of the most popular burger places in Auckland City, Tiger Burger offers an amazing fried chicken burger. In addition, their chicken bites are also delicious also.

Do you have any other fried chicken suggestions in Auckland? Get in touch with me and let me know! My contact details can be found in the signature below.


Founder & Editor | Say (Seowon) Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

I run Caramel, a restaurant creative agency with the biggest portfolio in New Zealand, helping restaurants grow by providing creative and technological solutions. In addition, I manage a few restaurants more hands-on.

Instagram: @forkandtruffle


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