About Me

Part of my vision is to enhance people's lifestyle by:

  1. Introducing great places to eat and things to buy.

  2. Providing actionable business tips and insights.

  3. Giving value by transparent communication.

Hi, I'm  Seowon Song.

You can call me Say. Since 2015, I have been helping businesses grow by providing creative and technological solutions; I run Caramel, a hospitality strategy and creative agency with the biggest portfolio in New Zealand.

Part of my vision is to inspire people around the world to live their dream life by doing things they love. So I also teach people how to set ambitious goals., achieve them and make more money.

I am also involved in other industries such as restaurant, design, cryptocurrency and NFT. Outside of work-related, I love coffee, watches and whisky.

Want to get in touch with me? Visit the Contact page.

Say Seowon Song (forkandtruffle) in Auckland, New Zealand