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Authentic Lanzhou Noodles at 1981 Noodle House.

There isn't a noodle place like 1981 Noodle House in New Zealand - really.

1981 Noodle House serves authentic Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles (which I will get into soon) but as soon as you enter their shop, you will see how everything is clean, spacious and most importantly, on-brand.

Interior of 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

Their shop is located in Albany where the area is packed with noodle places. Despite this, 1981 Noodle House's signature blue and white branding creates a seamless experience for the customers.

Forget about the stereotypical authentic Asian places where the menu is faded, customer service is non-existent and a big calendar hangs on the wall, which is the only decor. Although I personally don't mind that, the 1981 Noodle House seems to modernise and uplift the common noodle houses we are used to visiting.

Beef Noodle Soup from 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

They are dedicated and passionate about bringing authentic Lanzhou flavours and hand-pulled noodle techniques. In addition, part of their mission is to spread their offerings to the whole country, attracting all demographics and cultures.

You can see the noodle masters hand-pulling noodles freshly at the shop.

Braised Beef Noodles from 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

These noodles are chewy, firm and tender - soaking up flavour-packed broth (or sauce).

The picture above is Braised Beef Noodle Soup, which is my favourite dish from them. With Lanzhou noodles, they are also famous for savoury beef broth - which is one of the best I have had.

Tomato & Egg Noodles from 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

You can also pick from six different thicknesses of noodles. This makes it exciting to retry your favourite dishes because doing so will change the texture completely.

From their bowls to spoons, everything has 1981's signature brand colours. As a creative agency owner, it is these small details that add towards the overall experience - that amplifies an experience from good to amazing.

Interior at 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

If you are a noodle lover or looking for cheap eats, I highly recommend visiting 1981 Noodle House.

They offer delicious noodles in a big, clean space where you can truly relax over a hot bowl of fresh noodles.

Iced tea at 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

Did I mention they also offer homemade teas? They are delicious, too - try one.

Interior of 1981 Noodle House in Albany, Auckland

What we particularly enjoy:

  • Beautiful space that is clean and on-brand

  • Being able to see noodles hand-pulled in front of you

  • Insanely good broth - recommending Braised Beef Noodle Soup and Signature Beef Noodle Soup if you are a first-time visitor


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