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Best Cafe Recommendations by Coffee Drinks in Auckland

Most of the time, I order flat white or long black but depending on which cafe I go to, I order particular items other than my usual orders because those drinks are done much better compared to others.

With tens of different ways to enjoy coffee, I have cafe recommendations for some of the most popular coffee drinks in Auckland.

Flat white pouring at Rumours Coffee in Auckland CBD.

Flat White

Lieutenant Coffee Bar & Eatery

Their own Lieutenant coffee blend is one of my favourites - very smooth, balanced taste with a strong chocolatey note, which I think is a must-have if you are drinking white coffee.

You can even add an extra shot to their usual double shot to your flat white; it won't be bitter but just enhances the flavour profile.

The EOS Coffee

Mojo roasts a unique EOS blend for this cafe located in Queens Arcade. The owner and head barista, Hoony, is New Zealand's most recognised barista and you can expect the best latte art for your coffee.

However, don't just expect amazing latte art because coffee tastes amazing also - a subtle fruity finish.


As another favourite of mine, my usual go-to is a triple shot flat white. Their coffee is roasted by Be Speciality and it is very nutty with a caramel note.


Slowlane Cafe

With a subtle earthly flavour profile, Slowlane's coffee is good in both black and white but I particularly order espresso from this cafe the most often.

At times, I do request a single ice cube with it - where you can enjoy the strong notes of an espresso at the start and as the ice melts, it becomes more of a long black.


With Rocket coffee being my current favourite, all the coffees from Chuffed are great.

You can't go wrong with an espresso, freshly extracted from Rocket coffee beans.

Long Black

Ozone Coffee Roasters

How does a combination of berries, dark chocolate and toffee sound? I think they are great ingredients to make delicious desserts.

With Ozone's black coffee, I particularly taste caramel with a berries' tarty finish.

Mojo Vulcan Lane

The smooth and balanced flavour profile makes the long black from Mojo one of the easiest to drink!

With a mix of cocoa, caramel and berry notes, definitely give them a go!

Iced Americano

Receptionist Coffee

Eighthirty coffee is another favourite of mine and when drinking it black, I get a rich orange note with a subtle caramel finish.

With the Receptionist's team being very passionate about coffee, you can expect your iced Americano to be one of the best in town.

Melba Vulcan Lane

Another well-known cafe in Auckland CBD, Melba's coffee blend is very smooth - with strong notes of chocolate.

Their coffee is great in both black and white but their iced Americano tastes better than most cafes in my opinion!


Red Rabbit Parnell

This place (and Red Rabbit Newmarket) is my favourite when it comes to mochaccino in Auckland.

Their mochaccino is a single shot but this may be one of the reasons why their mochaccino is so silky smooth yet rich in taste.

Rumours Coffee

To their already earthly, cocoa coffee notes, adding chocolate means their mochaccino is extra chocolatey with strong hints of caramel.

It's really good.

Cold Brew / Nitro Cold Brew

Espresso Workshop

They offer both cold brew and nitro cold brew and both are great!

With their cold brew coming in bottles for you to take, if you are on the go, make sure to pick one up.

Leafe Cafe

Their cold brew is one of the smoothest ones I have had and it is one of my go-to's.

It comes in two sizes (small or large); you will get a beautiful Leafe-branded cold brew bottle and a glass with ice. And yes, you can take the bottle home if you want to.

Kokako Commercial Bay

Personally, I think their nitro cold brew is the best out there.

Super creamy, rich and well-balanced, it is a must-have in the summer.


Founder & Editor | Say Seowon Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

For any media enquiries or questions, please email me. I am also the Director at Caramel, a strategy agency helping restaurant businesses grow.

Instagram: @forkandtruffle



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