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Best Cafes to Work or Study in Auckland CBD.

Tired of the same old office or home workspace? Luckily, Auckland has a lot of great cafes where the fresh environment can boost creativity and focus. As someone who prefers working remotely, I have gratefully enjoyed the luxury of working from home - having explored various cafes over the past ten years; I have visited many cafes and have picked my favourite ten cafes in Auckland CBD.

Whether you are looking for a place to study, work or host work meetings, instead of visiting Starbucks (which I still enjoy), try these selected cafes to help you get important things done, focus and feel inspired. This list has been carefully picked based on multiple factors such as accessibility, ambience, space, privacy, offerings and comfort.

Note: this list is not in a particular order.

Hand model holding cup of coffee in Auckland CBD.

1. Mojo Quay

Level 4/188 Quay Street, Auckland CBD

Located (and attached) to Commercial Bay, Mojo Quay can be found in the lobby of the 188 Quay Street building. The space is beautiful and huge, with a stunning view of the viaduct. Lots of green plants and brown colour accents add to this creative and professional environment.

Only open during the weekdays, they are open from 7am to 5pm; closing slightly later than most cafes nearby, Mojo Quay is a perfect place for a late afternoon meeting or to get some work done with a good cup of coffee.

2. Remedy Coffee

1 Wellesley Street West, Auckland CBD

This is one of Auckland CBD's iconic cafes with +1,100 positive Google reviews. Often the space is very busy but its cozy, relaxed interior makes it a perfect place to sit down and maximise your creativity for a while.

They are open all day of the week but close early - usually 2:30pm during weekdays and 2pm at weekends.

3. The Shelf

50 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

A cozy, warm cafe with lots of seating inside and some of the bigger tables at the front of the cafe are perfect for small groups. Their food is on the more affordable side compared to other cafes around but the quality excels - including coffee.

Many students and freelancers visit here - no wonder why it is a popular spot in Auckland CBD. Plus, the pod-like seats at the back of the cafe offer more privacy, if you require it.

4. Cosmo Coffee

22 Kitchener Street, Auckland CBD

Affordable and huge-sized coffee anyone? Usually, I am against larger coffees due to the coffee notes being diluted but Cosmo Coffee is good. Lots of seats inside with a very quiet, relaxed environment, it is a popular spot for many university students.

During weekdays, Cosmo Coffee is open until 6pm which is very rare in Auckland. If you need to change up your home/office workspace in the afternoon, I highly recommend Cosmo Coffee.

5. The Store

5B Gore Street, Auckland CBD

Lots of spacious seating outside makes The Store a great option to take out clients for a coffee meeting or to get work done. Service is quick and very professional - similar to a bistro-like.

Definitely a spot you need to check out during the warmer days.

6. Paname Social

3 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD

Currently, this is one of my favourite places to visit in Auckland CBD because they tick a lot of boxes. Huge, clean space with lots of tables with privacy in mind and from Wednesday to Saturday, they close very late.

Meeting, studying working, or just catching up with mates, Paname Social is a great place you need to check out. They offer a wide range of wines as well so if you aren't feeling the usual flat white, grab a glass - I am sure they can recommend you good ones.

7. Melba Vulcan

33 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD

As another favourite cafe of mine in Auckland CBD, Melba Vulcan is one of the most popular cafes in town with working professionals due to a few reasons: great coffee, food and brilliant service.

With fast WiFi available, when you visit here for your next work session, stay a little longer for breakfast or lunch because the standard of the dishes they offer is very high.

8. Miann Britomart

Ground Arthur Nathan Building, 36 - 38 Galway Street, Britomart

One of Aucklander's favourite dessert places for years... Miann Britomart opens and closes late every day. Enjoy a drink and their famous chocolate while you are ticking off your important tasks.

This place can get quite busy so it's not the place I recommend to work on high-security tasks but perfect if you are in the creative industry - I am sure this space will get you focused and maximise your creative mind.

9. Bestie Cafe

179/183 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

Huge space with a beautiful view of the part and the Skytower, Bestie Cafe is my favourite cafe on K Road. Serving delicious coffee and food, the cafe offers a chill vibe where you can take things easy and slowly respond to the long list of emails awaiting your response.

Just like Melba Vulcan, visit there for study/work and coffee but stay there for food. Their menu changes often but should have at least one item that is either a toastie or sandwich, which I highly recommend.

10. Amano

66 - 68, Tyler Street, Britomart

The most well-known cafe/bakery and restaurant in Auckland definitely deserves a spot here. Open at 7am and closing late every single day, Amano offers something for everyone.

From delicious brunch, baked goods or beautiful lunch/dinner, when you visit Amano during the weekday, you will spot many freelancers and office workers enjoying Amano's finest creations while typing away on their laptops.

Their beautiful space packed with people really squeezes your creativity and focus level - enabling you to work more efficiently; well, this is the case for me.

Do you have any other cafe suggestions in Auckland CBD that are perfect to study or work at? Send me an email at - I would love to hear about it and visit.


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