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Best Coffee Brands in New Zealand, Guide for Coffee Lovers.

New Zealand's vibrant coffee culture is fueled by a multitude of outstanding coffee brands. This definitive guide showcases the top coffee brands for coffee lovers looking for the perfect cup.

Barista pouring a flat white coffee in Auckland CBD.

With so many coffee brands, roasters and of course, cafes available, we (the consumers) are spoilt with amazing options. This often makes it challenging to choose which one to try, which is a very good problem for us anyway.

In this article, I have the best 17 coffee brands/roasters in New Zealand. This list is not in order except for the last five, which are my personal favourites. Per each brand, I also have recommendations on what coffee you should try when you visit cafes that serve these beans.

Underground Coffee Roasters


As one of the iconic coffee roasters in Christchurch, many cafes in town use their coffee - particularly their popular Avant Garde blend, which is super smooth and rich, with strong hints of caramel and cacao.

Their hot air roasting method ensures cleaner, brighter, and consistently flavorful beans. With a diverse wholesale team, they deliver fresh coffee all over New Zealand.

Recommend: flat white and filter coffee

Instagram: @undergroundcoffee

Embassy Coffee


Founded by long-time friends Andy Norman and David Pai, Embassy Coffee is based in Christchurch. They converted a mechanic's workshop, transforming into an espresso bar and roastery.

Known for their variety, seasonality and experimentation in roasting styles and blend components, there is a reason why a good number of cafes serve blends from Embassy.

My personal favourite would be their Ranger Blend, which is actually a blend they roast for Park Ranger, a popular cafe in Riccarton. The balanced combination of cocoa, caramel and orange peel notes means it is perfect to drink in black and white coffee.

Recommend: flat white and long black

Instagram: @coffeeembassy_nz

Coffee Supreme


With its iconic red colour, Coffee Supreme is one of the most well-known coffee brands in New Zealand. Established in 1993, they are based in Wellington and roast their coffee beans in small batches to ensure freshness.

Their flagship blend, the Supreme Blend is widely served at cafes in New Zealand and beyond. Coffee Supreme describes a "lingering cocoa finish" in their product description - which I absolutely agree with. It has a cocoa and dark chocolate finish that tastes great, especially when it is filter brewed.

Recommend: filter coffee and long black

Instagram: @coffee_supreme

Be Specialty


Founded in 2006 by Ben Boyle, Be Specialty has become one of the leading names in the New Zealand coffee scene. Initially began as a humble espresso bar with a small roaster, now the business has evolved into a trusted supplier for many cafes in Auckland.

With a dedication to high quality, Be Specialty carefully selects and roasts the finest coffees, ensuring every cup is a testament to their passion.

Their popular Seasonal House Blend can be found in many cafes that serve Be Specialty.

Recommend: flat white

Instagram: @bespecialty

Ozone Coffee

New Plymouth

Originating in New Plymouth, New Zealand, Ozone Coffee is a renowned specialty coffee roaster and cafe stretching its influence in London as well. Their coffee is ethically sourced and roasted to bring out the unique flavours of each origin.

Their signature blend is the Empire Blend, which has notes of chocolate and caramel - with a hint of tarty fruit. It is a versatile blend that tastes great as espresso or filter coffee.

Recommend: Aeropress, cold brew and flat white.

Instagram: @ozonecoffeenz

Grey Roasting Co


Founded by New Zealand Barista Champion Dove Chen, Grey Roasting Co is known for its exceptional coffee blends, particularly its signature Daily Blend.

Their HQ is based in Hamilton but their blends can be found in major cities in New Zealand, including Auckland and Christchurch.

Recommend: flat white, make it a triple shot for an even richer flavour

Instagram: @greyroastingco

Flight Coffee


Another well-known brand based in Wellington, Flight Coffee can be seen all across the country; many cafes and restaurants serve Flight Coffee.

Their most popular Bomber blend can be easily identified by its pastel yellow colour, matching the brand colour. Personally, I taste strong notes of chocolate and orange, which is a common taste note but at the same time, these are the notes found in good coffee blends.

Recommend: any white coffee

Instagram: @flightcoffee

Atomic Coffee


A well-known Auckland coffee brand and roaster, Atomic has been serving amazing coffee since the early 1990s in Ponsonby. Their iconic Veloce is smooth and chocolatey with a hint of cinnamon. I personally like to drink Atomic with milk - usually a double shot flat white.

I highly recommend you visit their Kingsland Cafe; the overall experience is great - from the interior, layout, service and food/drinks.

Recommend: flat white and long black



One of the most iconic coffee brands in New Zealand, you can find Allpress globally now. Its simple yet eye-catching branding, colours and cups helped Allpress to establish itself as an influential brand in the industry. But of course, the coffee tastes amazing - black or with milk.

The signature Espresso Blend is chocolatey and smooth - making it very easy to drink.

Recommend: any white coffee



Eighthirty is a popular Auckland-based coffee roaster with multiple cafes across the city serving their blends. They are known for their meticulous sourcing of high-quality beans and the unique roasting process, which brings out the best in each coffee.

When drinking in white, it is balanced and smooth with a strong taste note of zesty fruit.

Recommend: flat white

Instagram: @eighthirty

Red Rabbit


With their HQ located in Parnell, Auckland, Red Rabbit is a coffee roaster producing excellent coffee.

Their Parnell HQ/cafe is a must-visit - perhaps you should pick up some of their coffee bags. You can expect super smooth and caramel-ly flavours with their coffee - personally, their mochaccino is the best in town.

Recommend: flat white and mochaccino

Top Pick, No. 5: Common Good Coffee

Auckland & Christchurch

Common Good Coffee is a New Zealand-based coffee company with the purpose of supporting positive change in impoverished neighbourhoods around the world. They partner with Joyya to redistribute significant amounts of money to four communities in Kolkata, India, and use fair trade organic supply chains to support farmers and their communities. The company also has locations in Auckland and Whanganui, and profits from their cafes go towards positive change in the communities they are helping.

Their signature Better Blend is a delicious, versatile blend with strong notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. It is super delicious and smooth.

Recommend: flat white and short black with ice

Top Pick, No. 4: Kokako


Kokako Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster committed to sustainability and quality. Their iconic blue colour and simple (yet timeless) branding makes it very easy to distinguish if a cafe is serving Kokako.

Despite being a medium roast, their signature Aotea Blend has a stronger dark chocolate taste, which I think is great. Tastes great as a long black or flat white - you can expect great coffees from cafes offering Kokako.

Recommend: flat white, long black and nitro cold brew

Instagram: @kokakocoffee

Top Pick, No. 3: Espresso Workshop


Another iconic coffee roaster located in Orakei Bay, Auckland, Espresso Workshop produces a wide range of highest-quality coffee blends with character.

Mr Black and Mr White are two popular blends from them. Mr Black was crafted for black coffee beverages while Mr White was crafted for milk-based coffee beverages. Both are very smooth, velvety, chocolatey with hints of caramel.

Recommend: cold brew, flat white and mochaccino

Top Pick, No. 2: Tob Coffee


Located in Rosedale, Auckland, TOB Coffee is a micro coffee roaster that does not have a presence like other brands in this article. However, their carefully-roasted coffee offers lots of character.

I personally believe their signature Mr Tob blend is the best one to drink as a flat white; it is very smooth with notes of milk chocolate, orange peel and caramel - gives a subtle, sweet note at the end. Despite being a small roaster, it currently is second on my list and I feel it will stay at the top for a long time.

Recommend: flat white

Instagram: @tobcoffee_nz

Top Pick, No. 1: Rocket Coffee


This Hamilton-based coffee roaster, Rocket, takes my number one spot for the best coffee brand/roaster in New Zealand

Offering a perfect blend of smooth, chocolate, caramel and citrus flavours, coffees made with Rocket is great. I often like to drink it as a triple shot flat white - there is no bitterness; the chocolate and sweet notes just amplify.

Recommend: cold brew, (triple shot) flat white and long black

Instagram: @rocketcoffee


Founder & Editor | Say Seowon Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

For any media enquiries or questions, please email me. I am also the Director at Caramel, a strategy agency helping restaurant businesses grow.

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