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Eight Restaurant: Infinite Possibilities Indeed.

I actually really like buffets - whether cheap or expensive. When I hear "foodies" saying how buffets food quality is sh*t compared to restaurants so they don't go, it makes me cringe a bit.

Honestly, you have to understand the business - the way buffets operate is completely different to restaurants. Of course, the buffet's quality (in most cases) is going to be worse than freshly-cooked dishes you order from restaurants. If you are expecting the best quality food from your local buffet, you should go to a restaurant instead.

However, that is unless you are visiting Eight Restaurant at Cordis.

Pile of oysters from Eight Restaurant in Cordis Auckland

Firstly, I love seafood. I love it more than meat and if I was in a situation where I had to pick between seafood and meat, I would pick seafood with no hesitation... Maybe there will be a little bit of hesitation due to how much I love fried chicken... But yea, seafood will win.

What I am trying to say is, I love oysters and that is why I love Eight Restaurant.

With a mountain of oysters available in the seafood section of the restaurant, you will instantly crave a pint of beer, or a glass of wine - whichever you prefer.

Not just oysters, they also offer varieties of seafood. Another favourite part of the restaurant is the Seafood Grill. But at that section, you can pick from a wide range of fish, squid, prawns and clams, which are then freshly cooked in front of your eyes.

The moment you see those green chairs, you know you are in for a treat.

Eight Restaurant's interior

Eight offers a wide range of drinks so order your drink first before heading out to explore what the restaurant has to offer. Because by the time you are back with plates full of food, your drink will be at your table - all you have to do is enjoy it.

Heineken beer tap from Eight Restaurant in Auckland

You can also pick fresh meat from their American Grill section. There are cuts such as ostrich, kangaroo and alpaca... Ones you cannot try at many other restaurants.

Another favourite section of mine is the vegetable grill part.

Vegetable section from Eight Restaurant in Auckland

Once you are finished with the mains or feeling like some dessert, just walk towards these two beautiful chocolate fountains. This is where you can find all the desserts - from fruits, pastries, sweets and ice creams, there are too many for you to try.

Chocolate fountains from Eight Restaurant in Auckland CBD

All the desserts are tasty - they will change every day so when you are planning to visit again in the future, you will see new ones you can try.

I really love the green seats at Eight.

Just book your table and come here for a feast.

Interior lighting from Eight Restaurant in Auckland

Cordis is truly an amazing place. With the current Covid-19 situation, travelling overseas is something for the future so until then, why don't you come into Cordis (and EIght) for a staycation?

Chandelier from Cordis Hotel in Auckland City

I have been staying at Cordis every few months to relax but also to work. Do you know my favourite place to work in Auckland? It is at Cordis' Chandelier Lounge while drinking coffee, tea and/or alcohol.

Honestly, I just cannot visit here again soon.

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