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Korean Fried Chicken Done Right.

Pocha is possibly the most well-known Korean eatery in New Zealand. Being open for almost 20 years, Pocha is famous for their delicious Korean food - particularly the Korean fried chickens they offer. When you think of the almond and corn flake-coated chicken, Almond Krunch, Pocha is always associated with it because it is their best seller.

The team behind Pocha always wanted to offer their famous Korean fried chicken out in the suburbs so in late 2020, Pocha Chicken was born.

Spread of Korean fried chicken from Pocha Chicken in Auckland

With convenience in mind, Pocha Chicken is located inside the Mobil Mount Roskill; you can still get the best of Pocha's Korean fried chickens.

Fried chicken from Pocha Chicken in Mount Roskill, Auckland

From their signature Almond Krunch, OG, Chibabs and Waffle fries, Pocha Chicken surprises many Mobil customers with their high-quality products.

Close up of Korean fried chicken from Pocha Chicken

Offering the original Wings & Drum packs to boneless chickens, their Korean fried chickens are super crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Jalapeno Chicken from Pocha Chicken in Auckland

My personal favourites are Soy Good and Volcano from their Wings & Drums range, and Jalapeno Chicken from their Boneless range, which is pictured above.

Almond Krunch from Pocha Chicken in Auckland

Being able to experience one of the best fried chickens in New Zealand inside a petrol station is a unique yet brilliant idea. Forgot to expand on their Almond Krunch before... To put it simply, it is the crunchiest fried chicken in town - if you have not tried it, you need to.

Volcano Chibab from Pocha Chicken in Auckland, New Zealand

With many flavours to pick from, their Chibab is also a very popular item because Chibab can become a full meal -fluffy rice topped with salad and Pocha's famous Korean fried chickens.

Fried chicken from Pocha Chicken

If you are wanting to experience one of the best fried chicken in town, definitely check out Pocha Chicken.

Check out their Instagram also: @pocha.chicken.


Founder & Editor | Say Seowon Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

I run Caramel, a hospitality strategy and creative agency, and teach business and life strategies to ambitious people. I am also heavily involved in other industries such as restaurants, cryptocurrency, NFT and design.

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