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Pocha: The King of Fried Chickens.

True fact: since I moved to Auckland in 2014 and until mid-2021, I have never visited any other Korean bar apart from Pocha. Fried chicken being one of my favourite foods, Pocha is easily one of my favourites.

Almond Krucnh from Pocha in Auckland CBD

Photos above and below show the famous Almond Krunch. The crunchiest and juiciest fried chicken you will ever have. My personal favourite is the Hot & Spicy Almond Krunch.

Below is the Garlic Butter Chicken: perfectly cooked fried chickens are coated in the house-made golden, honey garlic butter sauce. It is one of Pocha's top sellers (after the Almond Krunch of course).

Garlic Butter Chicken from Pocha, Chancery Square, Auckland CBD

Spicy & Sweet Chicken (pictured below) is also one of my favourites because it comes with rice cakes.

Sweet & Spicy Korean fried chicken from Pocha, Auckland

Actually, Pocha's Chilli Chicken is also one of my favourites - the chickens are coated in chilli-infused, sweet soy sauce. Tastes absolutely amazing.

Chilli Chicken from Pocha in Auckland CBD

You know what, everything Pocha offers is delicious. Below is the Pa Dak, which has leek and mustard sauce topped on the fried chicken pieces.

Pa Dak (Korean fried chicken with leek) from Pocha in Auckland, New Zealand

Do you know what makes Pocha's fried chicken so tasty? Everything is made in-house. From house-secret marination to the sauces... These processes enable the fried chicken to be extra juicy, crunchy and flavoursome.

Tteokbokki and soju from Pocha in Auckland City

Oh yea, and above is tteokbokki - spicy rice cakes. It is not fried chicken but it is one of my favourite dishes from Pocha so I put it here; I hope you don't mind.

Next time you are craving fried chicken, looking for a place to catch up with friends, drink soju or whatever else, just visit Pocha.

Make sure to follow their Instagram: @pocha.eatery


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