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Morningside's Beautiful Plant-Based Cafe, Kind Eatery.

For years, Kind Cafe & Eatery has been offering a delicious, healthy menu. I can imagine the locals absolutely looking forward to visiting them for their weekend brunch or coffee runs.

Customers at Kind Cafe & Eatery, Auckland

As soon as you enter Kind, you will notice two main elements of the interior - lots of lush green plants and wooden tables.

The vibe truly makes you feel like you are at a botanic garden. However, the main difference is that you will be able to smell delicious food freshly prepared and made in the kitchen.

Common Ground Coffee bags from Kind Cafe & Eatery in Morningside, Auckland

They serve Common Good Coffee, which I discovered this year during one of my trips to Christchurch... And this coffee is one of my favourites.

Because Kind Care & Eatery is all about sustainability, healthy and (mostly) plant-based food, you can find Common Good Coffee's Mylk blend, which tastes amazing with plant-based milk.

Pancake from Kind Cafe & Eatery in Morningside, Auckland

Food-wise, I tried their Lemon & Strawberry Pancake - with poppy seed pancakes, light citrus cream, coulis, kiwi and crumble.

Pancake from Kind Cafe & Eatery in Morningside, Auckland

It was super light and refreshing - I highly recommend it!

Definitely add Kind Cafe & Eatery to your list. It's a popular destination for a reason.

Don't forget to check out their Instagram: @kind.morningside.


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