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Best Cafes in Chancery Square, Auckland CBD

Located in Auckland CBD, Chancery Square is an open, boutique plaza full of businesses, particularly eateries with outdoor seating. Within the 1km radius of this are also an overwhelming number of cafes with each offering unique drinks, food and vibe.

In this list, I wanted to share my favourite ten cafes near Chancery Square, with recommendations from each place. Whether you work in Auckland CBD or are planning on visiting the area during the weekend, I highly recommend visiting all these places.

This list is not in a particular order.

Chuffed in Auckland CBD

1. Chuffed

These guys have been frequently featured in this Magazine and rightfully so; this award-winning and recognised cafe serves one of the best coffees in town plus a diverse menu that changes every few months.

They use Rocket coffee beans, which is my current favourite - taste great in both black and white. For food, they are well-known for their house-made crumpets and toasties.

2. Receptionist Coffee

There are two Receptionist nearby - the one I am referring to here is the one on High Street (Unit 7/59-67 High Street). Serving Eighthirty coffee in their unique vibe, not only do they serve great coffee but also one of the best almond croissants in Auckland.

3. Stolen Summer

Another popular place on High Street, you will often see people having (or waiting for their) coffee just outside. Serving one of Tob Coffee's blends (roasted from North Shore), their coffee is great especially when it is a long or short black.

4. The EOS Coffee

One of my personal favourites, The EOS Coffee is run by Hoony, who is one of New Zealand's most recognised baristas and latte art champions.

Serving Mojo Coffee's exclusive coffee blend here, not only their coffee is full of caramel, cacao and fruity notes, but the latte art is also beautiful. If you are visiting here for the first time, I highly recommend you get a flat white and make sure to have it there.

5. Melba Vulcan Lane

Having been serving the locals since 1995, Melba Vulcan Lane has been consistent for all these years, which is not common in the cafe scene.

Melba's own coffee blend is some of the most caramel-ly, nutty and velvety coffees I have tasted. In addition, I recommend trying their Eggs Benedict with house-made potato rosti.

6. Rumours Coffee

For the past couple of months, this place has been the hottest cafe bar in Auckland due to a combination of good coffee and a minimalistic vibe.

Its relaxing vibe has me going back constantly wherever I have a break between meetings; it is such a nice place to sit down, grab a good coffee and relax. My usual go-to's are triple shot flat white and mochaccino.

7. Lieutenant Coffee Bar & Eatery

If you haven't been here yet but you have visited Commercial Bay before, you probably have walked past this place multiple times. They serve food that is a little different to most cafes so you won't find the traditional eggs benedict and full breakfast here; I think they executed their menu well!

Dishes I recommend are Breakfast Burger and Free Ranger. And of course, they serve good coffee also - try a triple shot flat white.

8. Kokako Commercial Bay

For a long time, Kokako has been my favourite coffee (it still is one of my go-to's). Anything on their drinks menu is amazing - my recommendations are short black with ice, small flat white or nitro cold brew.

9. Espresso Workshop Britomart

Serving delicious light snacks and silky smooth coffee, Espresso Workshop can be found at 11 Britomart Place. With so many options to pick from, here are some of my suggestions: nitro brew, V60 pour-over and cold brew & tonic.

10. Mojo Vulcan Lane

Just a couple of metres away from Melba Vulcan Lane, you can find Mojo on the corner of Vulcan Lane and O'Connell Street. They only open during the weekdays but if you are a coffee fiend like me, this place is great to keep in mind because they open longer compared to other cafes, closing at 4pm daily.

Despite being a chain, Mojo's coffee is consistent, delicious and smooth. Personally, I like their coffee strong (i.e. taste-wise) so I usually add an extra shot for all the white coffees I get there. Even with this, the coffee is never too bitter nor too hot - just the enjoyable notes enhance.


Founder & Editor | Say Seowon Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

For any media enquiries or questions, please email me. I am also the Director at Caramel, a strategy agency helping restaurant businesses grow.

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