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Auckland's Famous Taiwanese Street Food.

There are a few iconic, familiar Taiwanese street foods we know, which are the XXL fried chicken, gua bao and bubble tea. Kai Eatery is one of the biggest (and best) when it comes to this and let me explain why.

Fried chicken bao bun from Kai Eatery

Firstly, their bao bun offerings not only look delicious but tastes amazing also. The picture above is their Hei Hei bao bun: crunchy fried chicken, daikon, cucumber, fresh slaw, chipotle between the fluffy steamed bun.

Below is their iconic Taipei Gua Bao: tender pork belly, pickled greens, cucumber, roasted peanuts between the fluffy steamed bun... The pork belly is so good.

Taipei Gua Bao from Kai Eatery in Auckland

And of course, Kai Eatery's iconic XL Fried Chicken is a must-try - you can't say you know Auckland's fried chicken scene without trying this. With many flavours to choose from such as Original (Salt & Pepper), Spicy, Peri Peri, Chef Special, Extreme (all previous four combined) and Charcoal, you won't get sick of this.

This massive fried chicken is made with 100% chicken breast marinated in Kai Eatery's secret, house-recipe and is cooked perfectly. Each bite is crunchy, juicy and flavourful!

Hands holding XL Fried Chicken from Kai Eatery

And of course, bubble tea is also famous here - with a wide range of flavours and combinations available, why don't you visit their website to check out the flavours?

Three bubble teas from Kai Eatery in Auckland

Another item I would like to introduce is their Kumara Fries, which is something that made me fall in love with Kai Eatery in the first place.

Sweet potato dipped in batter at Kai Eatery

Their Kumara Fries will be the crunchiest and the most flavourful kumara fries you will have in town. The thick-cut kumara chips are coated in house-secret batter then perfectly fried before being seasoned with delicious Kai's Chef Special seasoning.

Sweet potato fries in a bag from Kai Eatery in Auckland

Their wide range of products is friendly and easily approachable. Whether you are looking for a snack, lunch or dinner, Kai Eatery is a must-visit and you should definitely add this place to your list of places to visit.

Make sure to connect with their Instagram to stay up to date: @kai_eatery


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