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Kiwi-Influenced 5-Star Cocktail Bar in Auckland CBD.

Step into a realm where the Kiwi spirit mingles with the art of mixology at Our Land Is Alive bar, which is nestled within the renowned 5-Star Cordis Hotel in Auckland CBD. Its ambience and vibe are perhaps one of the most relaxing spaces in the city.

Interior of Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

This extraordinary destination cocktail bar invites you to embark on an amazing journey that celebrates the very essence of New Zealand. With bespoke New Zealand-inspired cocktails, mouthwatering bites and a stunning setting, Our Land Is Alive beautifully reflects New Zealand's natural wonderland.

As you enter, you are enveloped by a rich atmosphere adorned in shades of deep green, reminiscent of the lush foliage that blankets the country. To me, the interior and the green colours remind me of the iconic Rolex green (a brand I love so much) but with a captivating twist; it takes on a darker hue, adding a touch of nature's mystery and intrigue to the space.

Interior of Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

The luxurious browns and oranges evoke the warmth of the earth and trees. These carefully chosen colours harmoniously blend with the dark greens, creating a serene and inviting space.

Bartendar at Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

At Our Land Is Alive, the talented mixologists (led by Yogi Mahardika) have masterfully crafted a collection of bespoke Kiwi-inspired cocktails that harmonise tradition with innovation.

Each sip is an invitation to explore the unique flavours and characteristics of New Zealand's bountiful produce, infused with Aroha and flair.

Four cocktails from Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

From vibrant fruit infusions to invigorating herbaceous blends, these cocktails embody the essence of the land.

Our Land Is Alive takes pride in showcasing the best of New Zealand's thriving alcohol industry by incorporating locally-made spirits into their extraordinary cocktail creations.

The bar's commitment to supporting local producers is evident in its carefully curated selection of New Zealand-made alcohol such as gin.

Hand pouring smokey cocktail at Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

If you are unsure about which cocktail to try, ask their amazing, friendly staff for recommendations. Or just have this article ready and show them a photo of the cocktail you would like to try - they are all delicious.

Cocktails by the fireplace at Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

Each of their cocktails showcases its characteristics through the presence of perfectly-balanced alcohol with a touch of sweetness and an explosion of unique flavours.

Their outdoor space is adorned with stunning stone tables that exude elegance, perfectly complemented by touches of dark green, reminiscent of New Zealand's lush landscapes.

Ourdoor seating area at Our Land Is Alive Bar in Auckland CBD.

As you settle into your seat, the warmth of the beautiful fireplace nearby embraces you, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Ourdoor area of Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

Beyond the bar's aesthetic space, Our Land Is Alive radiates an air of simple yet refined Kiwi hospitality, setting the stage for memorable moments with your friends and loved ones.

Four cocktails by the fireplace at Our Land Is Alive Bar in Cordis Hotel Auckland

Our Land Is Alive at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland CBD has combined a tale of luxury, creativity and New Zealand's charm exceptionally well. This cocktail bar beckons you to embark on a sensory adventure, where bespoke Kiwi-inspired cocktails and tantalising bites are crafted with passion.

Whether you find yourself sipping a signature creation indoors, surrounded by stylish elegance or basking in the ambience of the enchanting courtyard, you will discover a haven where the spirit of New Zealand's nature comes alive.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary experience that awaits at Our Land Is Alive.

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