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Best Cafes in Auckland 2024

After spending almost 10 years working with hospitality businesses, I have visited hundreds of cafes and crafting this list containing the best 45 cafes was not easy. Auckland boasts a plethora of hidden gems and writing this list was a challenge.

This list is carefully selected based on multiple factors such as the quality of coffee, food and unique value proposition that set the establishment apart from the rest.

Although this list is not in a particular order, the last five are my personal best five cafes in order; I believe these five are the absolute pinnacle of Auckland's cafe scene.

Congratulations to all the esteemed establishments making this list. You are setting the standard for Auckland's cafe scene - keep up the incredible work!

Barista pouring coffee in a cup in Auckland

Coffee Pen

Eden Terrace

A small hidden coffee spot in Eden Terrace - they use Be Specialty coffee and offer a delicious selection of cabinet/hot food. Seats are limited but it's a great place to catch up with close ones over a drink or two.

RAD Cafe

Mount Eden / Featured: Top 10 Worthy

One of the well-established cafes in Mount Eden, they are known for serving great coffee and food. With their capable professional kitchen team, you can expect very high-quality food coming out from the kitchen.

Plus, they serve Rocket Coffee, which I believe to be one of the best coffee bean brands in New Zealand. If you want to see why Rocket Coffee is ranked number one, read my other article here.

Williams Eatery

Auckland CBD

One of the busiest cafes near the viaduct - both their coffee and food are very good - serves Supreme Coffee. I am always impressed by their food with eggs, especially scrambled.

Kokako Commercial Bay

Auckland CBD

Also one of my favourite coffee bean brands - this is Kokako's flagship coffee shop located in Commercial Bay. Seats are limited but stop by and grab a glass of their famous nitro cold brew before you go to work - or whatever you do during the day.

Bestie Cafe

Auckland CBD

A very casual and hip cafe that serves great coffee and food. I highly recommend trying anything that is a toastie or sandwich on their menu - it's really good.



This is L'affare's Auckland HQ and it is big, clean, spacious and smells good inside. If you are not a fan of the very busy Westfield Newmarket, consider making this place your next one for a catch-up.

Odettes Eatery

Auckland CBD

More of an eatery, Odettes open 'til late between Thursday to Saturday as well. So you can expect their dishes to be at a very high standard.

Chur Bae

Auckland CBD / Featured: Top 10 Worthy

If I had to pick a cafe that serves the best food, Chur Bae would easily be considered one of the places at the top. They serve Ozone Coffee - it's very good.

Bread & Butter

Grey Lynn

As one of the most recognised bakeries in Auckland, Bread & Butter is all about making real bread and sustainability. At their Bakery & Cafe HQ in Grey Lynn, the dishes are unique and delicious - coffee-wise, Espresso Workshop roasts a unique blend for this cafe.

Kind Cafe & Eatery


Full of lush plants and a garden-like feel, Kind Eatery serves delicious (mostly) vegan dishes and amazing coffee, which is Common Good Coffee.

Crave Cafe

Morningside / Featured: Top 10 Worthy

Another gem in Morningside serving Common Good Coffee, Crave Cafe is huge with a lot of seats but even then, the seats fill up very fast. With well over 1,700 Google reviews, you should visit Crave Cafe if you haven't.

Eden Espresso Bar

Mount Eden

The interior is a mix of industrial, old-fashioned and technical here. I am 97% sure that the Mount Eden locals love Eden Espresso Bar and believe that is purely because they make a great coffee - they roast their own coffee beans and you can buy them, too.



As one of the most recognised brands in Auckland, you can find their flagship cafe and roastery in Kingsland. I particularly love how everything is on-brand, which is a huge part of the overall customer experience. Great coffee and delicious food - Atomic is one of the industry leaders for a reason.

Handpicked Coffee

Mount Albert

One of the best boutique coffee roasters in town, you can expect great coffee from Handpicked Coffee all the time. They sell a small range of cabinet food also.

Little Rosie


A smaller coffee shop right next to the main Rosie restaurant, Little Rosie has a beautiful space offering Allpress in takeaway cups and a wide range of cabinet sweets and savouries.

Daily Bread


A huge selection of breads and pastries is available at Daily Bread's new flagship store. The interior is spacious with lots of seating; possibly, this bakery/cafe may be the busiest place in Britomart during the daytime. Highly recommend it - perfect for catch ups or even to work with your laptop!


Auckland CBD

It's minimalistic and the products they sell are limited but it works. Expect silky coffee every time you order a white coffee - for you black coffee drinkers, of course, the long black is great but try their pour-over ones.


Eden Terrace

Owner of the famous Mibo Bakery, Benedict's Cafe has a high standard for everything - the interior design, menu, coffee and pastries. Their menu offerings are also different to most other cafes - which is good.


Auckland CBD / Featured: Top 10 Worthy

Chuffed is a very busy cafe in Auckland CBD with a great reputation. Serving Rocket Coffee and a range of amazing hot food, I recommend trying their toasties or house-made crumpet dishes.

Receptionist Exchange Lane

Auckland CBD

Their newest shop is found just off Queen Street. With more seats available, you can now grab their coffee and famous croissants and have them there - a great place to catch up with friends. Despite not being known as a bakery, they make one of the best croissants in town - especially the almond one.

EOS Coffee

Auckland CBD

Owned and operated by one of New Zealand's best baristas, EOS Coffee is a small coffee shop that serves coffee at the highest standard. Serves Grey Roasting Co. coffee - if you visit at a more relaxed time, expect amazing latte art. You can see some of them on my Instagram.

Espresso Workshop (Ampersand Eatery)

Orakei Bay

One of Auckland's finest coffee roasteries, Espresso Workshop HQ is found in Orakei Bay Village, co-using the space with Ampersand Eatery. For those who are not familiar with Ampersand Eatery, they serve brilliant dishes with house-made everything - including pasta.

I recommend trying their cold brew or flat white; while you are there, check out Ampersand's brunch menu as well because you will love it.

Sno Cafe


Best cafe in Remuera hands down. With Swedish-inspired interior and product offerings, their menu portion is big (delicious, too).

Leafe Cafe


I dislike mall cafes but Leafe Cafe is the only exception - I truly believe this is the best mall cafe in New Zealand because their standard is very high. Coffee is always on point and food is great, too.

It can get extremely busy here during peak hours - you will often see a waiting line of customers.

Rude Boy Deli & Eatery

Auckland CBD / Featured: Top 10 Worthy

This spacious and on-brand cafe has the best cabinet selection in Auckland in my opinion. A lot of delicious house-made cakes, if you have a sweet tooth, add Rude Boy to your list.


Mount Eden

As one of the most recognised names on this list, the main reason that Frasers is on this list is that they serve great cakes 'til late at night, which is extremely rare in New Zealand. Mount Eden locals are spoilt with so many amazing places nearby!

The General


A hidden gem in Epsom - it feels like you are at a mini farmers market because they sell locally-made food products, too. Surprisingly the interior is very spacious with a lot of seats - and their cabinet selection is top tier, offering a variety of doughnuts, sweets and other pastries.

The Pantry

Auckland CBD

It's part of Park Hyatt's 5-star hotel but their product offerings are very reasonable - actually, may be more affordable compared to other establishments.

The desserts in the cabinet are made by the hotel's pastry chef; they are all aesthetically beautiful and tasty.


Auckland CBD

Perhaps the most famous bakery and restaurant in Auckland. A wide selection of pastries and cafe drink options make this place one of the hottest places during the mornings - weekdays and 'ends.

Wander Cafe & Bistro

Auckland CBD

On top of the usual cafe offerings, Wander serves a wide variety of wines. If you are looking for a place to relax and wind down for lunch this weekend, check this place out.

P. S. I had one of the best oysters at this spot.

Little Lieutenant

Auckland CBD

Located inside the Jarden House in Commercial Bay across the main Lieutenant cafe, it is a hidden coffee shop. I love this place because the setting is luxurious, professional and spacious - a truly perfect spot if you are looking for a spot in CBD to work while having good coffee.

Postal Service

Grey Lynn

Serving a vegetarian menu and Kokako coffee, Postal Service is a modern, friendly cafe loved by the locals. For you coffee lovers, you can grab a glass of nitro cold brew here instead of going into Kokako's CBD shop.


Mount Eden

I love this cafe because of a few things... A lot of seating upstairs, late-ish closing time (Friday 'til late) and a wide variety of cabinet food.

Kompass Coffee

Auckland CBD

A small coffee shop just across Albert Park. They often offer unique drinks such as black sesame cream latte and einspanner. So instead of going to Starbucks a few minutes walk away, why don't you visit Kompass? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Starbucks but Kompass serves great drinks, too.



This is one of the best cafes in South Auckland. The interior is cool and modern - I highly recommend trying their savoury French Toast dish or Chilli Scramble.

Patch Cafe


Perfect example of a cafe where their food (both cabinet and menu) standard is high. Some of their dishes are Asian-inspired and the presentation is colourful. It's not just Instagrammable - it's also tasty.

Coffee General


Local-famous coffee shop on Birkenhead's busy Hinemoa Street. Coffee is always on point and the team at Coffee General is very passionate about coffee.

Fields Cafe


As one of the busiest cafes in Albany, Fields Cafe is huge and modern inside. Because of this, they are also a popular spot to host events and functions.

They serve Atomic Coffee and the food is great, too. I recommend trying their pasta dish or eggs benedict with potato rosti.

Altura Coffee Company


As a full coffee roastery and cafe, locals (and beyond) visit Altura daily to sip coffee, eat and buy their coffee bags.

This is one of the few cafes I buy coffee beans myself because it's that good! Note: their small coffee is a single shot so if you are looking for a "stronger" coffee note, ask for a double shot.

Lily Eatery


Perhaps this is the best cafe in Devonport offering delicious hot food and amazing cabinet ranges. I am a big fan of their house-made cheesecakes and tiramisu.

The Best Five Cafes of 2024

Top 5 Cafe of 2024

L'Atelier du Fromage


If you love French food, pastries, cheese and good coffee, this is the place you must visit. With their high-quality restaurant-like food and drink options, this is the place I have been recommending to everyone looking for a lunch spot in Newmarket for years.

  • Delightful French dishes and pastries

  • Explore a deli-like shop setup

  • Passionate and friendly team

Top 5 Cafe of 2024

Melba Vulcan Lane

Auckland CBD

As one of the most iconic cafes in Auckland that opened in 1995, the unique, European street vibe of Vulcan Lane is something other cafes cannot mimic. In addition, their food is top tier - my favourites include Eggs Benedict, Turkish Cilbir Eggs and their new Buffalo Chicken Burger.

  • The vibe transports you to Europe

  • Great coffee - Melba coffee blend

  • Fantastic food - executed very well

[Third Place]

TOB Coffee


Despite being a coffee shop with no hot food offerings, TOB Coffee made it to the best five purely because of its unique coffee notes. With strong caramel, chocolate and orange-peel notes, it is one of the easiest and tastiest coffees to drink.

The only downside is that this shop can get extremely busy - you may have a hard time finding a table.

  • Great coffee-tasting notes

  • Affordable, both to-drink and coffee bean bags

  • Good range of cabinet selection

[Second Place]



Duo became an icon in the area and it is one of the places where Aucklanders travel far distances to visit, which is an extremely rare thing. What can I say, everything is good - coffee, food, drinks, interior, coffee, seats, interior, etc.

Just wished there were more seats because walk-ins can be impossible at weekends.

  • Raw fish on toast is a must-try, even if you don't like fish

  • Raw wagyu beef on toast is a must-try, even if you don't like beef tartare

  • A true eatery, capturing both cafe-goers and foodies

[First Place]

Ozone Coffee

Grey Lynn

The best cafe in Auckland for this year. Ozone Coffee's Auckland HQ is a roastery and cafe with an open kitchen. This award-winning kitchen serves some of the most innovative and tastiest dishes in Auckland. And of course, their coffee is top-tier, too.

  • Open kitchen where you can see everything

  • Food I recommend: smoked fish kedgeree, beef tongue tacos and fish crudo

  • A variety of coffee brewing techniques such as V60 and Aeropress


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