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Seasonal Menu & Good Vibes at Chur Bae.

Since its opening at the start of this year, Chur Bae has become one of the most popular cafe spots in the area. Located in the City Works Depot, Shed 13A/90 Wellesley Street West, this cafe is run by two Bae brothers.

Interior of Chur Bae in Auckland CBD

Serving great Ozone coffee, the cafe is spacious with lots of seating available - both inside and outside. Being close to office buildings, this place gets busy even during the weekdays.

With their seasonal menu changing every few months, you can expect delicious food to come out of their kitchen throughout the whole year.

Mushroom dish from Chur Bae in Auckland CBD

My personal favourites are:

  • Croffle with espresso mascarpone, banana, berries and biscuit crumble

  • Mushroom with burnt baba ganoush, dukkah, crispy parsnip and sourdough

Chicken sando from Chur Bae in Auckland CBD

Chur Bae is also well-known for its Chicken Sando - which I have not yet tried but definitely will on my next visit.

Interior of Chur Bae in Auckland CBD

Next time you are looking for a brunch place during the weekend, check out Chur Bae.

Their Instagram is @churbae.akl.


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