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Best Place to Drink in Albany? Gao Asian Fusion.

As one of the first articles I wrote here, Gao Asian Fusion is one of my favourite places to visit in Auckland.

Located in Albany, Auckland, so many first time visitors at Gao get surprised at the high-quality, brilliant dishes and a wide range of drinks, particularly the cocktails.

Flatlay photo of food and drinks from Gao in Albany, Auckland

Albany is not known as a place to drink and socialise - many people living in the North Shore tend to visit Takapuna... Or the usual, Auckland CBD.

Cocktail from Gao in Albany, Auckland

However, the lively atmosphere and mood Gao offers is a perfect place to have a catch up with mates while sipping your favourite drinks.

The above are only a part of the cocktails Gao offers and every single one of them tastes great. So easy to drink and goes well with all of the dishes Gao offers - to give an example, like the squid below.

Deep-fried squid from Gao in Albany, Auckland

Or of course, noodles.

Sichuan noodles from Gao in Albany, Auckland

When I drink, 95% of the time it is either a beer or whisky. However, almost every time I visit Gao, I have one or two drinks and it involves a Midori Sour.

Midori Sour cocktail from Gao in Albany, Auckland

The more people you bring - basically, the larger the group, the more fun you will have fun at Gao. So much food and drinks for you to try and the friendly staff members will always be there to give you suggestions if you cannot make up your mind.

If you are feeling like heading out for drinks this weekend, why don't you start at Gao Asian Fusion? Visit their website and book online.

Two cocktails from Gao in Albany, Auckland

Their Instagram is @gao.akl.


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