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Happy Boy: Home of the Juicy Baogers in Ellerslie.

Happy Boy has always been one of Auckland's favourite destinations for their burgers and baogers, which are essentially burgers but instead of typical burger buns, soft, fluffy bao buns are used.

Beef baoger from Happy Boy Ellerslie in Auckland

Happy Boy expanded, opening its Ellerslie location a few months ago, attracting many office workers and locals.

Interior of Happy Boy Ellerslie in Auckland

Happy Boy's signature neon vibe can be found here as well.

However here at the Ellerslie location, more outdoor seating areas are offered.

One of the best parts of Happy Boy is that you can customise all the burgers and baogers on the menu.

Want to add extra crunch to your fish baoger? Then why not add some onion rings... Or even double up your protein? Or try adding their house-made hashbrowns to their already crunchy and juicy fried chicken baoger.

In addition, they have great side dishes such as the free-range popcorn chicken - tastes great and is generous in portion, which is perfect for sharing.

Popcorn chicken from Happy Boy Ellerslie in Auckland

With many varieties of drink options available such as beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, light snacks are available as well - like the smokey edamame pictured below.

Edamame from Happy Boy Ellerslie in Auckland

Definitely check them out - if you are looking for a casual place to eat and drink with mates, this is a perfect place. Oh yea, they also have beer towers available.

Bao bun burger from Happy Boy Ellerslie in Auckland

Check out their Instagram here.


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