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Your Local Cafe: MELBA.

For well over 25 years, MELBA has been serving some of the best coffees and food in Auckland's cafe scene. There are currently eight locations: Albert Street, Ellerslie, Hillsborough, Lunn Ave, Manukau, Queen Street, Victoria Street and Vulcan Lane.

S'more Waffle from MELBA in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am not the biggest fan of drinking coffee from franchise cafes however guys from MELBA takes coffee seriously. Their unique MELBA coffee blend is roasted by Espresso Workshop and it is amazing: rich caramel, natural sweetness and cocoa with a hint of plum.

Barista pouring coffee from MELBA Lunn Ave in Auckland, New Zealand.

The great thing is that each MELBA location offers something different on the menu. So if you are visiting another MELBA store, you will be able to see some unique dishes.

Fish tacos from MELBA Manukau in Auckland, New Zealand.

As an example, the pictured above tacos are from MELBA Manukau and it is one of the most popular dishes.

MELBA Lunn Ave opened in late 2020 in Stoneridge on Lunn, Mount Wellington.

Hand model pouring milk to granola from MELBA in Auckland, New Zealand.

On top of each MELBA store offering some different dishes, MELBA also update and introduce new dishes depending on the season. So MELBA is far from the typical franchise cafes you know of.

Do check where your nearest local MELBA is:

Eggs and bagel from MELBA Hillsborough in Auckland, New Zealand.

I don't usually go for sweet things but Melba Manukau's S'mores Waffle is the best waffle I have had. The house-made dark chocolate waffles come with torched marshmallows, Nutella, chocolate crumb, raspberry curd and cinnamon mascarpone.

S'mores Waffle from MELBA Manukau in Auckland, New Zealand.

Check out their Instagram:

If you are also looking to purchase MELBA's coffee blend, visit here.


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