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Beautiful Cafe & Cocktail Bar on the Waterfront.

Auckland Waterfront is a beautiful area in the city full of amazing places to eat, drink and play. Here, there is Off The Hook, a beautiful beach-themed cafe and cocktail bar serving great cafe food; currently, they are preparing to relaunch their cocktail menus.

Entrance of Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

The view from Off The Hook is truly beautiful - from the Auckland Harbour Bridge to the boats sailing in and out, it temporarily makes you feel like you are on a holiday.

I have already been here a few times and absolutely loved sitting here, sipping on their good coffee while working on my laptop.

Auckland Harbour Bridge from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

Just like the name of the place, the interior has a modern, simplistic beach theme.

Despite only being a few-minute walk from the corporate offices and cafes nearby, the vibe here is much more relaxing; that is probably why many office workers who know of this hidden gem visit here whenever they can.

Seats from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

The cafe dishes they currently offer are very simple yet delicious.

Eggs Benedict from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

I do look for little details whenever I visit new places. One thing that really caught my attention was their custom-made plates, cups and teapots - these New Zealand and beach-themed plates are a nice touch.

Spread of cafe food from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

Whether you are visiting for a morning coffee run or for a meeting, I do recommend you try some of their food - like the salmon bagel, which is popular.

Salmon bagel from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

See how even the simple avocado on toast looks nice on their plate?

Avocado on toast from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

Instead of going down to the cafe in your office building, how about taking a short walk here for your next coffee break? They open from 7am daily.

Table from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

Still being a new face in the Auckland scene, not many people know of this place but this will change very soon because each week, more new office workers are finding out how good it is here.

Spread of food from Off The Hook in Auckland CBD

Check out their website and Instagram below.


Founder & Editor | Say Seowon Song

Say S. from Fork & Truffle

I am the Founder of Fork & Truffle Magazine and also run Caramel, a creative + strategy agency specialising in hospitality and luxury industries. If you want to check out my photography and see daily updates, visit my Instagram.

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