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Coffee pouring at Rumours Coffee in Auckland CBD

Auckland's already-amazing coffee scene welcomes a new addition - Rumours Coffee, located on 19 O'Connell Street, Auckland CBD. Within the first few days, they were spread quickly via Instagram; the main reason was because of their spacious and empty, yet beautiful interior design.

Danny from Rumours Coffee in Auckland CBD

The team behind Rumours did a great job on branding - from Instagram to the physical location, Rumours showcase its unique identity seamlessly.

The welcoming interior is something no other coffee shops in New Zealand offer, yet. Perhaps this is why this is a 'hot' spot to have photos taken. I have visited Rumours a few times already and every visit, I saw people posing for photos inside - and I can see why!

Interior of Rumours Coffee in Auckland, New Zealand

The space inside was well-planned; surprisingly, there are quite a lot of seats available.

Interior of Rumours Coffee in Auckland CBD

And of course, these guys are passionate about coffee so you can expect some great cups of java as well.

Baristas at Rumours Coffee in Auckland CBD, New Zealand

It is such a relaxing atmosphere and I think it is a great place to chat over coffee. They do have a small range of pastries available - even the way these are presented compliments this whole place.

Check this place out - perhaps don't forget to take a couple of pictures while you are there.

Danny from Rumours Coffee in Auckland

Again, congratulations to Danny (Owner, Rumours) for opening this; it's already one of my favourite coffee spots in the city and I have been recommending this to almost every coffee drinker I know.

Don't forget to check out their Instagram: @rumours_coffee


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